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Right on time for the trend show, the opti 2011, Rodenstock presents 16 new correction spectacles to the international professional audience. This year, besides a special rimless frames concept, the presentation mainly focuses on the ladies' models, which are characterised by a sophisticated design, high-quality materials and perfect details. Above all, it is the design of the temples, the choice of materials, and refined surfaces that set the tone of the new frames across the board. In the process, the wearing comfort factor is always at the centre of new developments, which is typical of Rodenstock.

Reduction to the Essentials: The Trans-Lite Design Concept
Trans-Lite sets new standards in the market for innovative design. With a multitude of functional and aesthetic plus points, the new rimless design concept is targeted at a broader group of buyers. The satiny, translucent sides are made of the ultra-flexible, high-performance plastic Trogamid®, which is characterised by its high elasticity, and by very good adaptability in connection with a barely visible metal insert in the end pieces. The models have a discrete and light effect. However, they are still based on an unimposing fashion statement and – thanks to the low weight and top compatibility even for persons with allergies – they meet all the requirements of correction spectacles that are suitable for everyday use and chic at the same time. In the unisex model, a stainless steel front forms a charming contrast and emphasises the technical claim. The glazing system is also innovative. The lenses are not screwed into place, rather dowelled causing the spectacles to have a more decorative effect.

It Depends on the Sides
The ladies' models of 2011 are considered to be like jewellery, which elegantly emphasises the personality and femininity of the wearer. Discretely placed details give the frames a special flair. For example, fashionable colour patterns characterise the appearance of the acetate temples of the two ladies' models R 2173 and R 2174, which are available with Nylor or rimless frames. The changing chess board pattern has elaborate workmanship and is applied on the inside of the temples. Due to the clean outside surface, the sides ensure discrete effects for the purist crafted spectacles in the cool material combination of stainless steel and acetate. The construction of the slender and overlapping hinge is also striking, which also fills a decorative function. With the Rodenstock "R" playfully integrated in the sides, Rodenstock is picking up on a tried and proven design element with the new model R 5248 with a jewellery-like elegance that replaces a broach or necklace. The modern acetate frame is flattering with its harmonious feminine lens shape and soft flowing lines.

Form and Function in Perfect Harmony
The two men's models R 2171 and R 2172 are convincing with an innovative hinge construction. Here, Rodenstock provides a functional and aesthetic lugs/temples design for the striking and masculine front, which includes the hinge as a decorative element. The titanium spectacles, which are available with a full rim or Nylor frame, are supplemented with high-quality multilayer acetate on the sides, in which the transition is even. Two other acetate frames for men stand out due to distinctive elements on the temples. R 5241 and R 5242 are convincing due to the classical styling and technical refinements like the stable and smooth spring hinge with a construction that can be inclined. Rodenstock developed a special precision cut for the front cover of the decorative elements on the temples, which makes innovative, three-dimensional bi-colour effects possible.

In Focus: Material and Surfaces
The timelessly elegant ladies' models R 2168 and R 2169 are captivating with their purist appearance and harmonious, feminine lens shapes. Fine metal temples with stylish openings and decorative matt/shiny patterns on the surfaces give the Nylor or rimless frames a decorative look with exquisite details. The cool combination of high-quality polyamide and flexible stainless steel temples on the unisex model R 5249 appeal to a considerably younger group of buyers as of 25 years old. The sides design is also striking here. Fine openings create a balanced relationship between flatness and lightness.

The purist R 2170 rimless frame for men, on the other hand, is quite the sign of understatement. A new type of dowelled glazing system, established lens shapes, and a decorative lug and temple design give the high-quality spectacles a timeless look. The material that is used ensures maximum wearing comfort. It is highly flexible beta titanium, which is used above all in aerospace technology because of its particular qualities.

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