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Safety, driven by vision.

Darkness, glaring lights, high traffic volumes or bad weather – these things often make us feel unsafe or uncertain behind the wheel.
The solution: Rodenstock Road driving glasses.

Rodenstock Road lenses reduce dazzling effects at night and enhance the contrasts during the day.

Rodenstock Road lenses are optimised for safe spatial vision.

Rodenstock Road lenses also ensure razor-sharp and high-contrast vision in poor lighting conditions.

Rodenstock Road lenses provide a perfect overview in road traffic, also for rapid change of focus.

63% of German

are afraid of being blinded when they are on the road in the dark.**DVR© Statista 2015

18% of German

fear not being able to properly assess distances.**DVR© Statista 2015

37% of German

experience great difficulties when driving in the dark.**AXA© Statista 2015

Many motorists

experience problems when exchanging glances between the road, mirrors and cockpit.

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Rodenstock Road driving glasses:
Good vision. Safe journey!

Are you on the road often or you like driving? Exude confidence on the road and stay safe with the innovative Road Performance package. Round the clock.

To the Rodenstock Road lenses

Greater safety with unrestricted field of vision:
The Rodenstock driving glasses.

  • Lightweight
  • Puristic design
  • Optimal wearing comfort

Weighing only 4.7 grams, a T-Lite spectacle frame weighs considerably less than a postcard.


Puristic design
The understated design of the frame highlights the individual character of the spectacle wearer.


Optimal wearing comfort
Thanks to the extremely lightweight design, the Rodenstock T-Lite spectacle frame provides unrivalled wearing comfort.

Greater safety comes from
reduced glare.

Many drivers feel dazzled especially by modern Xenon or LED headlights. The innovative Solitaire® Protect Road finish reduces these dazzling effects. Annoying light reflections, e.g. from road lighting or wet roads, are also reduced significantly. During the day the enhanced contrast ensures relaxed driving. What's more: The Solitaire® Protect Road finish is very dust-repellent and easy to maintain.

Greater safety comes from
good spatial vision.

The reliable assessment of distances, which is important when parking, but especially when overtaking, is dependent on spatial vision. And spatial vision may be impaired for spectacle wearers who have different values in the left and right eye. Rodenstock Road is the solution here: The optimised lenses ensure symmetrical fields of vision between right and left eye and thus safe 3D vision.

Greater safety comes from
improved night vision.

Many drivers feel uneasy when driving in the dark or when visibility is poor. Because the pupils get bigger in the dark. The light beams are refracted differently, thus creating a blurry image. With our special DNEye® measurement device this effect is detected and individually corrected. Rodenstock Road thus ensures razor-sharp and high-contrast vision, above all in poor lighting conditions.

Greater safety comes from
optimal vision.

When driving our eyes have to quickly adapt to the different distances: From the road to the navigation device, to the mirrors and back again. The lens design of Rodenstock Road is adapted precisely to these dynamic requirements. Very large visual fields ensure all-round sharp vision, also for rapid change of focus.

The ideal companion -
also in day-to-day life.

You get as much pleasure from your Rodenstock Road lenses behind the wheel as you do when you step out of the car. And they are also pleasing to the eye in everyday life, for example when shopping, partaking in hobbies or at work. Optimal spatial vision, fatigue-free, also with frequent exchanges of glances, and all this also in poor lighting conditions. Excellent properties which make Rodenstock Road glasses the ideal glasses all day long.

Greater safety with our initiative
Safe vision at the wheel

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