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Your individual well-being lens: Multigressiv MyView® 2



Multigressiv MyView® 2 at a glance:

  • Very thin, high-tech progressive lenses
  • Manufactured in the latest freeform technology
  • Brilliant vision experience with outstandingly true details, especially at dusk
  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range
  • Spontaneous well-being and outstanding spatial perception
  • Possible to choose any frame
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Multigressiv MyView® 2 progressive lenses

Multigressiv MyView® 2 lenses offer demanding glasses wearers an ideal progressive vision experience: Thanks to our revolutionary Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®, you profit from up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range. That ensures outstanding spatial perception and spontaneous visual comfort. Hence, a progressive lens becomes your personal well-being lens!

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