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More relaxed to work with Progressiv Ergo®



Progressiv Ergo® at a glance:

  • Individual high-end progressive lenses
  • Calculated on the basis of the innovative Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®
  • Optimised visual ranges
  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range
  • Short acclimatisation time and best spontaneous compatibility
  • Perfect vision, even with high correction values
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Progressiv Ergo® near comfort lenses

With near comfort glasses with Progressiv Ergo® lenses, you can tackle the digital work life completely relaxed. The lenses provide brilliant vision for close-up work on the job and for your hobby – it doesn't matter whether you are sitting at a computer, giving an important presentation, or just browsing through a book. For anyone who values tried and proven Rodenstock quality with outstanding cost-effectiveness.

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