Rodenstock Road Sun

Discover the driving sunglasses from Rodenstock.

Safety, driven by vision

Good vision and safe driving are inseparably connected. In the summer, when the vision is impaired by bright sunlight or the orient sun, most motorist feel insecure. This can increase the risk for accidents.

Rodenstock Road driving sunglasses with their especially developed lenses are tailored to motorists’ needs. They score with multiple advantages which will help you feel safer on the road.

*Source: DA Direkt © Statista 2015,

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Less sun glare and more contrast

Rodenstock Road sunglasses come with a specially developed brown tint, which reduces bright sunlight but which is still light enough so you can read your navigation system. Signal lights (i.e. traffic or break lights) can be discerned more clearly as well.

Moreover, innovative coatings reduce disturbing reflexes and enhance contrasts which makes for more relaxed driving. Complete UVA- and UVB- protection is of course included.

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Unobstructed field of vision for relaxed rapid change of focus

The very large visual fields of Rodenstock Road lenses enable sharp vision – even when rapidly changing focus.

Reliable assessment of distances

The lenses provide symmetrical fields of vision for safe spatial vision.

Leave them on when you leave the car

Besides being a great companion in your car, Rodenstock Road Sun lenses are also made for everyday and leisure activities.

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Rodenstock Road driving lenses are also available for everyday use. We have developed lenses, with which you can drive pacified even at darkness, glaring lights, high traffic volumes or bad weather. The progressive lens Impression® Road 2 has even received the TÜV certificate*.

* Within the scope of a user test conducted by TÜV Rheinland, the following aspects were tested: adjustment period, field of vision, glare, contrasts, colour reproduction and cleaning. The overall rating refers to a scale of 1 to 5.

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Take off with Aviator shades

Sunglasses R 1380 are perfect for your car’s cockpit. Not only do they look great, their big lenses provide unobstructed vision and their delicate temples won’t be in your field of vision, even when looking over your shoulder.

Due to their light weight, R1380 are especially comfortable and make for a pleasant wearing experience.

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